Wolf Lane Catwalk

I have recently had the pleasure of working with my friend from school, Juvelle of Running in Chanel on a few different shoots. The first was for the Laurie Sawle Style Suite, which I will share with everyone soon, and last weekend we got together to do a fashion shoot for Juvelle’s blog and I am so pleased with the results! We used Wolf Lane as our back drop and due to the diversity of architecture and wall art in this popular, tucked away Perth laneway we were able to shoot several different looks in the same location. We even ran into Jason Miller of Humans of Perth who was great to talk to.

Doing a shoot in the city is interesting as there are so many people around. We also had to wave a lot of people through and I began to feel like a traffic conductor, of course it’s really nice to see that Perthians are just as polite as ever. I was pleased though that once we got into the shoot I was so focussed (pun intended) on what we were doing that I didn’t notice everyone walking past.


It took a while to be able to get a clean shot of the alley behind Juvelle for this outfit but I am pleased with the result!


The sun really started coming out for this outfit which created this great shadow on the wall and made the dress material stand out; but it also made it a bit difficult to shoot as it was dipping in and out of the clouds meaning I had to change settings frequently to get the right exposure.

By using this colourful Wolf Lane wall art as the background we made the white and black of the outfit really stand out. I also love how the curved wall allows subject to be surrounded in colour. I started by shooting the wall straight on but once I moved around to this position I was much happier with the photos. From this perspective the wall on the left edge of the shot leads the eye straight to the subject.

And of course I had to get a proper bokeh background in somewhere. Luckily we had time for coffee and a debrief at The Wolf, The Bean, The Walnut (that wonderful place that introduced me to Macha, yummy).

P1070386You can check out Juvelle’s post on how to style this Witchery white shirt (sold as part of the Witchery OCRF White Shirt campaign) here.This shoot was a whole lot of fun and it is pleasing to get great results in the heart of our little town. Where are your favourite inner-city shoot locations?

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