INTRODUCING: Albert the Black aka Alby, our loveable, goofy, flat-coated retriever.

There is nothing more Alby loves more than the beach and watching his happiness there brings pure joy to us. This was a typically beautiful summer day when Alby and I spent the morning chilling at the beach. I am so glad I took my camera because the conditions were perfect for some dreamy summer shots.Alby (1 of 1)-11

This was early on when I got my camera and so I guess logically I would have changed some of the settings but I love these images and I think they accurately express the feeling of the day and so emotionally I wouldn’t change anything.

Alby (1 of 1)-14

Alby (1 of 1)-5

I risked my camera to get this shot. The first thing the man at Plaza Camera’s told me was that sand is death to cameras….I guess I was too obsessed with getting the shot here to worry about that too much. I think it turned out pretty well. I like photos to be a part of the action as much as possible, especially with animals because I feel that is how you capture their energy.

Alby (1 of 1)Alby loves to swim! At some point in the future I will hopefully get an underwater camera and be able to get in the water with him and take some photos. For now standing calf deep allows it to feel like we are part of his frisbee fetching adventure.

Alby (1 of 1)-3
Alby (1 of 1)-8
Shake it off.
Alby (1 of 1)-17
Where did I leave my frisbee….

This has probably been my favourite shoot with Alby so far. His absolute joy combined with such a beautiful day made for a fun shoot. I always make sure I put my camera down for a good chunk when we are out and about though. It’s important to enjoy the moment also!

Do you like getting up close and personal photographing pets? I’d like to see how you guys risk your camera (but please do so at your own desire, I ain’t got no money to cover your sand-camera-deaths)

To tomorrow,




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