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Early on when I got my camera I convinced Ollie and Alby to come with me and explore Sugarloaf Rock in our beautiful South West. I am itching to go back and check it out armed with what I have since learned about photography and my camera. The below photo was taken by holding Ollie’s sunglasses over the lense, I thought it produced a pretty cool effect! It also helped to bring out the clouds more. I wanted to share these with you to show the other side of my photography. I find taking landscapes really relaxing and enjoyable, as it often requires that I explore some new locations. It is, however an area with a lot of elements to learn also!


Sugarloaf Rock from a different perspective

For the below shots I used a slow shutter speed to get some silky water happening. I was so excited when it started working! There is nothing like trying out a new technique and having it pay off.

2015-08-28 18.18.01P1010170I have discovered that I cannot change the exposure compensation in my camera when using manual mode, which is a big disappointment as I believe that would have helped the clouds stand out a bit more in the lighter shots. The clouds look amazing in the above photo but are lost a little bit when the foreground is lightened as below.P1010167

I prefer to shoot in full manual mode but have also been trying aperture and shutter priority modes in order to adjust the exposure compensation also. I look forward to sharing some of my other landscape shots with you. Still so much to learn in this area! Good thing I am enjoying the journey.

To tomorrow,


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  1. These are just stunning photos Ellen. I am looking forward to seeing more as you explore the photography process.


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