The Red Suit

Another fashion post! I am absolutely loving shooting fashion at the moment, and this red suit was no exception. This was another shoot with Running in Chanel, and you can check out Juvelle’s post on styling the suit, here. When thinking of locations to shoot the suit, we wanted somewhere that was a little corporate but also a little interesting. The Cloisters in Perth CBD seemed like an obvious choice, although I was unsure as to how the red suit would go against the red brick wall, turns out it went amazingly!

The  lighting in this little spot was perfect as it was deflected and reflected and everywhere-flected through the glass panels above. It made for some really nice shadows on the subject, which the suit picked up nicely.


After shooting this version of the suit we moved on to how to style the suit for evening wear. Whilst walking from the changing area we stumbled across another great spot to make the red suit pop.

Red suit or power suit?

This white building provided the perfect blank backdrop for the colourful outfit. The barred windows also added a bit of interest without overpowering the shots.

Shooting the red suit was easy in that it stands out on it’s own, however I was mindful to choose locations that were minimal so as to not over-clutter the image. This was quite different to when I shot Wolf Lane Catwalk, the white shirt post, in which we picked locations with a lot more background interest and colour to compliment the differing white-shirt styling options.

For now, I hope your days are filled with just as much colour!

To tomorrow,


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