Laurie Sawle Style Suite

This year I have been lucky enough to start doing some work with my friend from school, Juvelle at Running in Chanel. One of my first semi-professional shoots was with the Running in Chanel Laurie Sawle Style Suit earlier in the year. This was a really exciting day and opened my aperture (see what I did there?) to a different style of shooting and a different world in terms of catching the right shot. I hadn’t shot an event before and found that it requires fast setting-changes and being on the ball in terms of catching laughter and genuine interactions.

For someone who loves fashion, this shoot was a dream. We were surrounded by beautiful dresses and accessories and it was fun trying to catch those in their best light. Speaking of lighting, for most of the day there was lovely, if a bit low, natural light coming through the floor to ceiling windows of the Bradman Suite at the WACA ground.

These giant windows also allowed for some really fun silhouettes. It was interesting, whilst being a bit testing in that settings had to be changed frequently, moving around the room and catching the action from different angles with differing amounts of available light or differing directions of light.

make up silhouette (1 of 1)JuvelleBNW (1 of 1)It was fun seeing how all the professionals worked on this kind of event. Everything was so efficient and the atmosphere was fun and relaxed. Make up was done by TXC Collective and hair by The Pretty Parlour, with some yummy snacks provided from Crunchbox.

The gorgeous dresses from Natalie RoltJonte Designs, and Steph Audino were so much fun to photograph and had lovely details to focus on. There were also some great clutch bags from Jessica Bratich for the girls to use, which were fun to photograph!

Chloe_walkingoutside (1 of 1)


I felt like a learnt a lot on this shoot, and whilst it was quite exhausting (I think I sat down for 5 minutes all day!) it was definitely worth it. I look forward to being able to do more shoots like this in the future.

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