Stairway to Structure

How’s this cold Wednesday going for you? Fancy some fashion photos to warm the soul? Coming right up. jeans7 (1 of 1)This was another shoot with Running in Chanel, this time it was all about jeans. The first outfit was paired with this oversized cardigan and the loose knit looked great against the structured stairs of the ECU stadium.jeans1 (1 of 1)

Of course you cannot go past the Girlboss t-shirt! Aside from the fact that Juvelle is a bit of a Perth girlboss herself, the t-shirt’s message with her standing strong in the empty stands is a powerful image. jeans8 (1 of 1)And of course the jeans, the red background gave the blue denim a good amount of space in the photos.jeans4 (1 of 1)jeans3 (1 of 1)The ECU Stadium was a great place to shoot; it was easy to create leading lines within the photos and the structure of the stairs added additional depth. The red concrete was quite bold but worked well with the toned down colours of the outfit.

We shot the second outfit in the mouth of the admin building, which again was not short of leading lines and structure. But you’ll have to wait for next time to see that one.

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