Flowers and Pillars Galore

Following on from last weeks jeans post (Stairway to Structure) we also shot this outfit at ECU in Joondalup and those who have been to or past the uni will easily recognise the entrance to the admin building. P1070640Close up this building provided an interesting backdrop with the wooden/steel pillars stacked each side of the walkway. Photographically it was a nice way of leading the eye to Juvelle and through to the rest of the photo.P1070660I think, though that this building really has more to offer architecturally when you can view it as a whole. I took a few detail shots but could not do the whole thing justice without using my wide angle lens.

For Running in Chanel and I the details just looked great as part of the photo to showcase the outfit.

And of course we needed to get a close up of those super cool jeans.P1070646

If you want to check out Running in Chanel’s post about the jeans, find it here.

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