The edge of the world where friendships flourish

The cold weather that we’ve been having has got me thinking of warmer times and back to this shoot with a couple of my friends back in January. This would have been my first shoot with my (now favourite) trusty 60mm lense and I had fun utilising the lower f-stop. I had more fun, however, using the camera’s timer and jumping in for some heart-warming sunset silhouettes.

Bathers Beach in Fremantle is a really magical spot to spend time. Sitting on the rock ledge in front of the Kidogo Art House really does feel like you could be sitting on the edge of the world.P1020526We started the warm New Years Day evening with some nibbles and champagne craftily transported in a thermos.

Who said evening drinks had to be fancy?

Champagne at the edge of the world

While Claudia and I tried to capture the sunset, Wathieqa just enjoyed the atmosphere.P1020560P1020555

Once it was getting a bit too dark to shoot anything too clearly I begun enjoying the silhouette my friend’s cast in front of the stunning Western Australian sunset. P1020660

silhouette1 (1 of 1)
Smiling at the edge of the world

silhouette2 (1 of 1)

Before I couldn’t resist jumping in myself! The remote camera function on my phone was a real help with this. Probably a dangerous feature for someone who is as vain as me, it’s surprising there are not more photos of myself really. silhouette6 (1 of 1)silhouette8 (1 of 1)silhouette7 (1 of 1)I can’t wait to go back here for another chill out, another photo session, another friendly hang-out, and maybe some more champagne. I think I will have to wait for summer though!

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