Swept away in One Fell Swoop

It is so lovely having Sunday’s off from playing sport and having time to go through photos and finally share all the fun stuff I’ve been doing in the last few weeks!

The Friday of the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival I went to see One Fell Swoop and the show blew me away! It had some really spooky yet dreamy vibes which suited the draping/dramatic style of the designs perfectly.

I didn’t have the best position for photos but still want to share the show with you.






Prive Fashion Platform

The Prive Fashion Platform last Friday night at Ascot Racecourse was the perfect way to kick off Telstra Perth Fashion Festival and I had a blast (sorry I don’t think that word is really still in fashion…) taking some photos of the designs coming down the runway (and adding some of them to my must buy list).

With champagne flowing freely (and responsibly) and some yummy canapes before the show we were all warmed up for some hot WA made designs.

Unfortunately I was a little too distracted by the beauty of the show to get many good shots of the first few designers and so don’t really have anything for Jessica Bratich but check out the other designers below!

Ela and Jackson

KINN Apparel


Jonté Designs




This show was put together by a long list of talented people, including Running in ChanelOrigin Hair and BodyHolly Garvey Makeup ArtistFlower TalkElle et Lui Designer ShoesChadwick ModelsBaux, and Ed the Producer.

I can’t wait to check out more shows over the weekend!


Mercado 32-Sustainable Fashion (pt 2…and 3)

Welcome to parts 2 and 3 of my shoot with Running in Chanel for Mercado-32. If you missed part 1 you can catch it here.

For this second outfit because the pants were wide legged and the top was also quite structural I thought it would be cool to get a shot of them in mid stride in the middle of a street. Of course getting hit by a car was not on the agenda for that day’s shoot so after a few unsuccessful attempts and near misses we moved to a quieter street and got the shot.


Because I have been a bit low on time lately I thought I would combine these two outfits in one post. There isn’t a particularly interesting story attached to this next outfit, apart from almost getting run-over again (Leederville is dangerous for me apparently). It was a bit glarey in the sun but this wall made for such a cool backdrop with the brown shirt dress and blue skirt that we made it work.


I hope you are enjoying these Mercado-32 shots because I have a couple more outfits left to show you. Until then, make sure you check out my Instagram where you might find some rare Pokemon….aka photos I have not shared on here.

Til next time,



Mercado 32-Sustainable Fashion (pt 1)

Yay, more fashion photos! I know that’s what you’re all thinking, I definitely was when Juvelle contacted me recently to do some photos with her for a few of projects she is working on.

Running in Chanel and I have worked on a couple of different things recently, a few of which you might have seen on Instagram or hanging in the window of a Perth clothing retailer (more on that later!). This particular series was shot with Mercado 32, a clothing exchange store in Leederville. Mercado 32 buy and sell beautiful, pre-loved, well-kept items to the fashionistas of Perth and I had a lot of fun going through the racks whilst doing this shoot!pinkvest1 (1 of 1)We shot outfit one around the corner from the store, the light was quite harsh so I was trying to find some shade but tended to like those in the sun a bit more against the red brick.

After doing some in front of the red wall I decided to use the neighbouring white wall as a reflector. This resulted in a huge difference in the quality of light on Juvelle and gave what I think is a much more pleasing image. pinkvest4 (1 of 1)

Working with natural light can be a challenge (not least of which when waiting for the sun to appear and then quickly shooting for 30 seconds before the clouds take over again!) but when you find that sweet spot it gives such a great and natural quality to the photo.

There are a bunch of outfits we shot for this series and I will try and get them all out soon!

Until then, enjoy the Spring sunshine!


La Portrait at LAHAUS

Hello all, sorry it has been a couple of weeks since my last post! I wish I could say I have been too busy to post but honestly it is more of a motivation issue than a time issue. I have a few things in the works that I want to share with you though, starting with this portrait session I did with Running in Chanel a couple of weeks ago.

We went to the beautiful LAHAUS Creative Studio for a neutral but pretty background.

We took quite a few portrait shots to get the right one but I think the way the light catches the eyes in the two above turned out really nicely. Portrait shooting is quite different to what I have been doing and so it has been a bit of a learning curve. As usual though, I love the learning process!

Luckily, we also did some photos with the clothes, which I am more familiar with!

rack82 (1 of 1)

The textures of the space with the textures of the clothes were really fun to photograph.

extras7_clothes (1 of 1)

Despite this shoot being straight forward in required content I felt like the different textures in the location and within the clothes helped to give the feeling of a more diverse range of photos.

Lahaus (1 of 1)It is so much fun shooting in new places! Every time I go on a shoot I feel like I discover something new about our little town. Thank you to LAHAUS Creative Studio for the space.

To tomorrow, (or at least hopefully not another two weeks)


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